Our premium quality vinyl is self-clinging and easy-to-apply. View or download our installation instructions below.

If you need additional assistance, email info@aquariumvinyl.com before beginning.

How to apply


Your Vinyl


Your aquarium vinyl graphic is composed of 2 layers:

  • The self-cling vinyl print (your graphic)

  • The clear backing (to be peeled off for application)

Also included is a smoothing squeegee for graphic application.

Note: all vinyl backgrounds and decals should be installed on the OUTSIDE of your tank. Do NOT install any vinyl products on the inside of your tank.



Hardware & Prep.

Clean work surface of all debris with a dampened washcloth & dry thoroughly.

Make sure all obstructive hardware is removed. For best results, install on the outside of an empty tank.

We recommend laying the tank face-down on a flat, sturdy surface.

Arrange all hardware for easy access:

  • Vinyl Graphic

  • Application Squeegee

  • Masking Tape (Not Included)

  • Scissors, Razor Blade, or Exacto Knife (Optional, Not Included)

  • Small spray bottle filled with filtered water (Optional, Not Included)



1. Anchoring

Do not peel the clear backer before this step.

With the help of a friend, align the graphic (with the clear backing still attached) along the top edge of the tank.

Using a strip of masking tape (seen above in pink), anchor the graphic in the center.

NOTE: If you do not have a rimless tank or your background is slightly larger than the glass, simply align the graphic to the top edge and cut the excess material off of the bottom edge BEFORE APPLYING.



2. Trim Backing

(A) Carefully peel back the vinyl print from the clear backing (seen above in blue) of one side.

(B) Trim the exposed clear backing up to the tape, taking care not to cut the graphic.

(C) To give the material more flexibility during application, lightly spray the glass using a spray bottle filled with filtered water (RO/DI if you have it ) before applying the graphic.



3. Apply Vinyl

(A) Hold the now exposed graphic taut by the edge.

(B) Use the included squeegee to slowly work the cling side onto the work surface at an angle from top to bottom. The vinyl should be applied in controlled, even strokes to work out any bubbles or wrinkles.

NOTE: In the event of a bubble, don’t panic! You can simply peel back the material and use the squeegee to gently push the air out.



4. Repeat Application

(A) With first side applied, remove masking tape strip and peel back the graphic. Remove the remaining clear backing (seen above in blue).

(B) Repeat Step 3 to apply the remaining vinyl print.



5. Success! Your vinyl graphic is installed and ready for action!

Remember, if any bubbles occur during the application process, simply lift the material and re-adhere to the tank surface. Our products are completely reusable, so you can keep adjusting until you get the perfect fit.

We’d love to see it!

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